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The Future is made in America! The US Retractable Screen™ System was founded on the principle that a newer and more modern alternative existed to your everyday door and window screens. The founders of Universal Screen, Inc.  recognized an opportunity to provide a more stylish, functional and aesthetically pleasing Retractable Screen System.

Design of the Universal Screens Retractable Screen™ System was started in November of 2012. After years of listening to what additional features the general public really wanted in a screen system, the US Retractable Screen™ System was born. Premium Features were added to the exquisite design such as extended standard color options, an offset handle system and an easy to use latching system. Limited Lifetime Warranties, are always standard with the US Retractable Screen™ System. Choosing the Universal Screens Retractable Screen™ System is hands down the best choice!

The Universal Screen Retractable Screen™ System offers the homeowner, the ability to enjoy the beauty of their doors or windows with an unobtrusive view that provides ventilation and pest protection without the unsightly swinging screen door. All US Retractable Screen™ Systems are individually tailored and custom built to your needs so that you will never have to worry, whether our screen will fit your screening needs.

The US Retractable Screen™ System is the only screen available on the market today with three Patent Pending FRD's (Fluid Retraction Device), which help to slow the acceleration of the door. Having these Fluid Retraction Devices allows the Universal Screens Retractable Screen™ System to be suitable for both residential and commercial uses...Not to mention they are proudly made in the USA!



US Retractable Screen™ Systems...there when you need it, and gone when you don't!



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